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Thank you for visiting e-Sahamathi, an online consent management system by the Center for e-Governance, located in Bangalore, Karnataka. We have undertaken to respect and protect the privacy of our users to the best of our ability and awareness. This privacy policy will tell you how we collect and use information.


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If You Send Us Personal Information:

We do not collect personal information for any purpose other than to respond to you (for example, to respond to your queries or provide subscriptions you have chosen). If you choose to provide us with personal information- like filling out a Contact Us form, with an e-mail address or postal address, and submitting it to us through the website, we use that information to respond to your message, and to help you get the information you have requested.


We only share the information you give us with another Government agency if your question relates to that agency, or as otherwise required by law. Our website never collects information or creates individual profiles for commercial marketing. While you must provide an email address for a localized response to any incoming questions or comments to us, we recommend that you do NOT include any other personal information.